Steve Nomer

Steve Nomer

I’m an oldie and proud of it! I was born at the beginning of the 1950s, just as music was about to  change a whole lot. And change it did! My sister, who was five and a half years older than I,  introduced me to Elvis and Fabian and Sonny James and Dion and all the other rock and roll stars,  and I haven’t stopped loving the music since. And now I’m happy to be keeping the oldies alive on  The Legend!

I worked in radio during my college years and for a couple of years after that, but then made a  career change to computers and the world of data processing, as it was called then. But radio never  left my soul, and neither did the music. So when internet broadcasting came along I started doing  some shows, and I’m currently doing the following three shows on The Legend:

* Hey Baby, They’re Playin’ Our Song — Sunday mornings from midnight to 4:00 AM Eastern. I  try to play as many of your rock and roll requests as I can in these four hours. For a lot of us,  it’s still Saturday night, at least when the show begins. I don’t know about you, but for me,  Saturday nights and rock and roll go together like love and marriage! It’s your weekend all-request  rock ‘n’ roll oldies show.

* The Listening Room — Monday evenings, beginning at 10 PM Eastern. Rock ‘n’ roll oldies are  fabulous…but there were other kinds of music flourishing at the same time. In The Listening Room,  I play just about every kind of music, including oldies. And I often present theme shows, such as  songs about weather, seasons, colors, kissing, girls’ and boys’ names — no telling what’ll be  there this week!

* The Thursday Oldies Party — Thursday afternoons from 3 till 6:30 PM Eastern Why wait till Friday  afternoon to start your weekend? Now you can start your weekend 24 hours ahead of everybody else if  you join me for The Thursday Oldies Party. I’ll play your requests, we’ll play games and contests,  and there’ll usually be a Top Ten Countdown from between 1955 and 1975.