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You found the station playing four decades of the best classics and rare gems. Best of  all, Our DJs love playing requests. And we’ve got it all: | Rock-N-Roll, Top 40, Motown, Balads,  One-Hit Wonders, Twin Spins, and so many great songs you’ll never hear on those so-called oldies  stations. So turn it up, rip the knob off, and enjoy the station that relives when both radio and  music were at their best!

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Subscribe to our podcasts by searching for All Things Radio, Wednesday Coffee Club or Sports Lounge Live. Hear podcasts via your phone by calling 773-572-3006 and pressing 7 for Wednesday Coffee Club, 8 for All Things Radio, or 9 for Sports Lounge Live.

To hear Legend Oldies Radio on your Amazon Echo, Google Home or iPhone, say:
“Alexa Play Legend Oldies Radio.”
“OK Google, Play Legend Oldies Radio.”

On the iPhone, tell siri:
“Play Legend Oldies.”

Listen to Legend Oldies Radio on your phone by calling:

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Call the Request Line at:
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